Operation FINALLY HOME provides custom-built, mortgage-free homes to wounded, ill and injured veterans and the widows of the fallen from all branches of the military and all military campaigns. Operation FINALLY HOME develops partnerships with developers, builders, suppliers, and tradesmen to do what they do best: build homes. With over 220 projects in more than 30 states that have been completed or in various stages of planning – the organization continues to grow everyday and Ace Carpentry is proud to be a part of it.

The current project is set at Rillhurst Estates in Culpeper, VA. Along with the help of Annandale Millwork , Graystone Homes , CTS Properties, us at Ace Carpentry , and many more ; a brand new lot has been secured for a family that truly deserves it. On this lot a new custom home will be constructed, as designed by Graystone Homes , to fit the specific needs of our veteran soldier and his family. We are nearly all the way there towards reaching our goal for funding, labor, and material; however, every little bit helps! Feel free to make a contribution to this worthy cause by clicking the link below.

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Executive Summary - Culpeper, VA

Current Donors

General Contractor: Graystone Homes, Inc.
Land: CTS Properties / Rillhurst Phase IV
Plans: Pyramid Design & Drafting
3rd Party Inspections: Soil Consultants Engineering, Inc (703-366-3000)
Soil Consultant: M&M Soil Consultants
Concrete: Mar Concrete (703-331-3867)
Concrete: Vulcan Materials, Inc
Frame Carpentry: Ace Carpentry, Inc.
Frame Carpentry: Winslow Carpentry
Roof Trusses: Toll Brothers
Floor System: SBCA Capital Chapter
Frame Lumber: SBCA Capital Chapter
Masonry Labor: Clatterbuck Masonry (540-270-3136)
Trim Millwork: Annandale Millwork
Garage Door: Piedmont Door
Door Hardware: Heritage Contracting
Drywall: Drywall Systems
Flooring: Carpet House
Prefab Fireplace: Fireside Hearth & Home
Plumbing: Custom Plumbing
HVAC: K&M Heating & Air
Electrical: H&H Electric
Light Fixtures: Commonwealth Lighting
Interior Doors: Annandale Millwork
Toilets: K&S Portajohns (540-727-4151)
Painting: R&A Painters (540-829-5325)
Cleaning: Top Notch Cleaning (540-219-9838)